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Safety Lock Marching Stands

TAMA Safety Lock Marching Stands set the standard for adjustability, versatility, and safety. All stands easily adjust to the desired height. Snare, tenor, and bass drums can be positioned in any of 360 degree positions with complete stability. The center of gravity design prevents drums from tipping over. Legs can adjust to allow setup on uneven terrain or in stadium seating. All stands include a duel locking system that safely lock each drum to the stand. Even bass drums will stay in place if accidentally bumped or in high wind conditions. Each stand also features a multi lock clamp to securely lock each stand to the stadium seat. There is no danger of stands tipping over while performing at sporting events.

Snare Stand


Snare Anti-Shake Bumper

A built in rubber bumper supports any size snare drum from wobbling. No adjustment is necessary.

Upside Down Setting

Snare drums can be set upside down on the stand to allow for comfortable and easy head changes, tuning, or mute adjustments.

Tenor Stand


Fold and Positioning Bar

The upper part of the tenor stand is easy to fold and becomes very compact. The Positioning Bar allows for position memorization and faster set up.

Tenor Anti-Shake Support Bar

The Tenor Drum Stand is equipped with an Anti-Shake L-rod Support Bar that prevents wobbling and provides increased stability.

Bass Stand


Safety Lock Mount

Safety Locks prevent wobbling of bass drums and insure a stable, safe, and silent connection to the carrier.

Complete Specs

Stable Set-up System Safety Lock Mounts, Center of Gravity Positioning, Adjustable 2 front legs (maximum height is 10"), All Safety Lock Marching Marching Stands include a Multi-locking Stadium Seat Clamp.
Anti-shake System Snare : Anti-shake bumper Tenor : Anti-shake support bar
Setting support system Snare: Upside down setting option for bottom head tuning and mute adjustments. Tenor: Positioning bar.


Tama Safety Lock Stand Setup [ view ]

Stable Set-up System

All Safety Lock Marching Stands feature various unique features, such as "Center of Gravity Positioning", "Adjustable 2 Front Legs", "Multi Lock Clamps", and "Safety Lock Mounts". These are all designed to provide players greater versatility, stability, and safety.

Safety Lock Mount

(US. PAT. NO. 8420919)
All Safety Lock Marching Stands feature a Safety Lock Mounting System. Drums can be securely locked in place by activating the black locking tabs.

Center of Gravity Position

Safety Lock Marching Stands allow all TAMA Drums to be positioned in the most stable position, directly over the center of the stand. Drums can be faced in any direction. Confidence in drum stability can be achieved in all 360 degree positioning choices.

Adjustable 2 Front Legs

(US. PAT. NO. 8664500)
Two legs of each Safety Lock Marching Stand can be adjusted individually to allow stable drum set up even on uneven surfaces. In stadium locations, the two legs positioned in the higher position will provide increased stability.