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Premium Bubinga Birch Percussion

Bubinga provides a very sharp and aggressive attack combined with rich resonance and full body. By using Bubinga wood for the inner layer of traditional birch shells, these hybrid shells produce a completely new sound with a great balance of tonal character of Bubinga and Birch.

B/B (Bubinga/Birch) Shell

Snare/Tenor: 4ply birch+3inner ply bubinga, 6mm
Bass: 5ply birch+3inner ply bubinga, 8mm

The Tama Bubinga and Birch snare and tenor drums feature four outer 6mm plies of Birch and three inner 6mm plies of Bubinga. The bass drum has five 8mm plies of Birch, and three 8mm inner plies of Bubinga.

B/B Shell