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3 Tama Drumlines Make Finals At WGI

Posted 4-24-12

Congratulations to Foothill High School,and the Avon Marching Black-and-Gold, all finalists at WGI 2012.

We're betting that everyone who attended is as starry-eyed as we are, if not for the intensity of the competition overall, then literally- as this year's introduction of lighting devices into the routines (both props and uniforms) supercharged the performances with heightened sense of theatricality. We salute all who competed. Thanks for a memorable 2012!

Fairfield High Joins The Tama Family

Posted 3-26-12
Fairfield High School Marching Band

Welcome Scarlett Brigade! The Fairfield High School Band in northern California is now sporting Tama drums. Under Band Director Brian K. Swetland, their Pageantry/Winter Guard unit competes at the highest levels; as well the school, (and its active cadre of boosters) proudly support a drum line corps that took regional honors last year.

Foothill Continues To Rock

Posted 3-26-12
Foothill High School Band

The pride of Nevada, and their amazing Tama equipped drum line, reports continued success. After taking first place in the local SNIPGA circuit in late February, they rolled out of the WGI Regional Championship in Phoenix with a finals score of 86.65 in Percussion Scholastic A. Good luck in Dayton!

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San Marcos High School - Bands of America

Posted 1-31-12

The San Marcos Royals Marching Band wrapped up its competitive Marching Band season Saturday, December 3, 2011. The San Marcos Band Received the bronze metal for overall band, as well as high visual, in the A Class division.

To quote percussion director Lozell Henderson, "This was a truly amazing season for the San Marcos Marching Band"

Look for the San Marcos Percussive Theatre when they compete at the WGI Western Championships, and at several Southern California Percussion Association events in 2012.

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Avon High School - Bands of America

Posted 11-29-11

Everyone at Tama Drums would like to congratulate Avon High School Marching Band for an outstanding performance placing second at the 2011 Bands of America Grand National Championships. Special thanks to Director Jay Webb and staff for their incredible dedication to excellence. Tama Is proud to be associated with the Avon music program and percussion ensemble. Avon will be bringing in the new year by performing in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2012. Check them out on television to see and hear their new Tama Marching Drums.

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Tama Shows Off At WGI

Posted 8-5-11

"The Tama approach has always been to use the real world as our R&D lab," says Tama brand manager Terry Bissette. "Our drums and accessories have always been developed collaboratively with musicians who subject our gear to the harsh realities of their playing environment." Anyone who attended the Winter Garden International competition knows that to be the case for Tama's marching percussion products too. For that reason, Tama team give special thanks to: James Logan High School (Union City, CA), Foothill High School (Henderson, NV), and San Marcos High School (Santa Barbara, CA).

Tama Gives Away Drum Kit At WGI

Posted 8-3-11

As WGI 2011 drew to a close and the judges calculated the day's scores, the finalists had one more prize about which to be excited: a 5-piece Tama Superstar kit. Each finalist school was entered in the random drawing via a drumstick with their name written on it. Tama's own Ken Hoshino drew the winner's drumstick and the lucky school's name was announced.

Mr. Hoshino then addressed the marching competitors as a group, conveying his admiration for the obvious passion and hard work all the teams had demonstrated. Because the WGI event was held shortly after Japan had suffered the worst earthquake in its history, Mr. Hoshino also took the opportunity to thank the many American people who had sent financial assistance, well-wishes and prayers to those Japanese who suffered loss during the catastrophe.

Tom Float Interview In Halftime Magazine

Posted 7-21-11
Tom Float in Halftime Magazine

Tom Float talks to HALFTIME about what makes Tama's new marching drums a game-changer. "I had ideas that I wanted to incorporate, problems that I have seen in drums forever and wanted to fix, and improvements to the drums that I wanted to see happen…"

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James Logan High School - Western Band Association Championships

Posted 11-29-11

Congratulations to James Logan High School for a fantastic performance at the 2011 Western Band Association Championships. James Logan placed second in division 5A competition. Tama is honored to be associated with your band and percussion ensemble. Thanks to Ramiro Barrera, director of James Logan. Tama looks forward to another tremendous year for your music programs in 2012.

Talking With Tom - Interview 1

Summer 2011

The first of an ongoing series of conversations with Tom Float

Spouses and significant others of the Tama staff who don't know the name Tom Float are likely to get this explanation: "In the marching percussion world, the guy's a rock star." But those of us who are getting to know him are finding out "rock star" only scratches the surface. Working in tandem with Tama's guiding force of the marching percussion project, Ken Hoshino, Tom is a driven, creative visionary force a man with a mission. In this series of conversations Tom, talks about his mission to bring a fresh new level of ingenious practicality to marching drums, and his journey with Tama, in depth.

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