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WGI 2014

The Tama team is just catching its breath after yet another whirlwind WGI. Thanks to those friends old and new who stopped by the booth!

And a big round of applause to all who competed... your hard work and passion inspires! But of course, dearest to our hearts are the Tama-equipped teams: Once again, you made us proud!


Tama by Kanstul Introduces New Line of Premium Mouthpieces

Posted 10-10-13
Homestead High School

These new designs allow for large volumes of air, while facilitating pure, superior tone and virtually eliminating any pitch problems. Tama by Kanstul Musical Advisor, Greg Flores, describes it like this: "From the players end, these mouthpieces create maximum efficiency, allowing the horn to play at its highest potential. From the directors perspective, they deliver maximum tonal quality and precision tuning." A premium horn deserves a premium mouthpiece. Get one of the new Tama Marching Brass Mouthpieces and get the most from your instrument and your performance.

Tama Marching Brass Mouthpieces are available for Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, French Horn/Mellophone Hybrid, Trombone, Marching Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba.


This Makes It All Worth It!

Posted 10-10-13
Maui High School Marching Band

With all the challenges of running a business-pressures, deadlines, and striving to do better today than what you did yesterday, it's possible to forget, from time to time, why we do what we do. This video of the Maui High School Marching band members discovering their new shipment of Tama Marching drums renews and re-ignites our passion for building great musical instruments every time we see it!

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Posted 9-16-13
Welcome to team Tama!

Over the last three years we've been busy fulfilling our commitment to turn the marching percussion world on its ear, drum line, by drum line. Word has spread… from high school programs to some of the most prestigious bands in the country, like "The Crew" at the University of Pittsburgh,The U.S. Air Force Academy Drum and Bugle Corps., The University of Hawaii, The Spirit of Houston Cougar band at the University of Houston and The Blinn College Buccenners. With so many common-sense solutions to age-old equipment problems, the drummers at Tama can't wait to show you what the drums of tomorrow look like.


How Perfection, Percussion and The Finest Marching Brass In The USA Became TAMA BY KANSTUL

Posted 8-20-13
About Tama By Kanstul Brass

"We worked with numerous band directors during the development of our marching percussion line," says Tama USA product manager Charlie Hayashi. "They were the ones who first suggested that a partnership with a quality brass manufacturer would be helpful, in terms of the school bid process. We kept that in mind as the next step after launching."


Homestead High School Joins The Tama Family

Posted 8-20-13
Homestead High School

The Homestead High School marching percussion program has exploded over the last decade, with close to 50 students participating in fall and/or winter seasons. The marching drumline is the 2010 WBA 5A champion and 2012 runner-up. In 2013 the indoor marching percussion ensemble made its debut performance at the WGI World Championships in Dayton Ohio, and achieved finalist status in the Scholastic World division.

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TAMA At WGI 2013

Posted 4-24-13
TAMA At WGI 2013

Tama Marching Drums would like to congratulate and thank all of the percussion ensembles at WGI this year. It was a fantastic show for the audience put on by the competing drum lines. Tama was represented in Scholastic "A", Scholastic Open, Independent Open, and Scholastic World categories. Special congratulations goes to Orange County Independent Percussion receiving a silver medal in the Independent Open Competition. Best wishes to all from Tama for the rest of 2013.

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Tama Marching Percussion Announces Partnership With Horn Maker Kanstul

Posted 4-24-13
Kanstul By Tama USA

Just as the dust was starting to settle on Tama's auspicious 2011 entry into the marching percussion market, the drum builder has unleashed another surprise: Tama Marching Percussion has announced it will join forces with the venerable marching brass company Kanstul Musical Instruments.


Tama Welcomes The Saints Brigade

Posted 4-19-13
Tama Welcomes The Saints Brigade Drum And Bugle Corps.

The first community-based drum and bugle corps to adopt Tama Marching Percussion as their drums of choice! The Saints Brigade Drum and Bugle Corps call the Carver Center in Port Chester, New York their home base. Their story is remarkable in many ways: Though the organization is not yet two years old, they have already managed to capture the 2012 DCA I&E championship in the percussion battery category. Equally remarkable is the community aspect of the Saints Brigade. Its diverse membership, mostly young men and women in their teens and twenties pay no member dues or fees, and receive scholarships for each year they participate.

Check out The Saints Brigade Drum And Bugle Corps. Artist Page»

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